Authenticity is not a Fad

Do you feel like all you ever hear about anymore is Realism, Vulnerability, and Authenticity? I heard someone tell me a few days ago, “Authenticity is just a ad” and I nearly fell off my seat.

No. It is not a fad. It is reality. We, the human race, is waking up. Evidently sir you have not. Yes, it was a guy but let’s not go there.

It is not a certain style of clothing we decide to put on. It is not a brand or a label. It is a choice. A choice to be real and tear off the brand labels and be who we really are underneath it all.

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Authenticity is not a label

In fact, I love the song from Gwen Stefani called Underneath it All because it reminds me of this

Underneath it All

If you ARE using Authenticity as a fad, Stop It! Please. you are not helping yourself or anyone around you. You are giving false hope. You are sharing false ideals. Be real.

Be Truly Authentic.

Be authentic in all you do, say, speak, share online, she about your world, your life, your business, just be real already.

Being authentic is really all anyone can truly ask of you that you can truly do.

Xoxo TrishaTrixie

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