Real is What We Aim For


What is real?

Do you think you qualify?

Ar you open and honest to the core? Are you real when you talk about how many books your signed and sold at your event? Are you real when talking about how hard it is to be a startup businesses? Are you real when asked what you really think about something?

Many of us shy away fearful we will hurt another’s feelings and have been taught so often to be kind and be softer but you know what softer and kinder get you? Nothing.

If you are struggling in business and your colleagues are are telling you how great they have it and they are fine and they have funding when they don’t or their expected growth is higher than yours…I start asking for the number. Show me the details beaus you an I are doing the same thing and I am downing. So. Either you are not telling the truth or I really need to do something different here.

Once I learn the reality it is is that they are in the same boat I am, they just are showing pictures on Instagram form the pretty side. Guess what? We all do that and have done that for years. Now I ask you to do something else. Stop it. Be real instead.

Show us your struggles your issues. Show us how hard life can be. No you don’t have to whine and complain but isn’t it about time we start being that real authentic self we keep claiming to be?

I want you to imagine a bow and arrow and far off is a target.

The target says REAL.

Whatever you are doing in life, in business, at home, with friends, with family, I want you to imaging e that you are pulling that bow and when you let go, REAL is what you are aiming for.

How are people to know how to help you when you say everything is “Okay” when it is clearly not okay. What if a venture capitalistic hers your struggles and wants to help you. If you keep claiming that “You’ve got this” then why should anyone try to help you?


Honest, true, vulnerable, whole-hearted reality. Be you.

Be authentically you!

Xoxo Trisha Trixie

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